The LogOn JS450+ Dash Camera is a Dual Channel Drive Record System with Full HD 1080P Front & Rear Camera and Ultra Wide Video Recording capabilities on both video channels. 


Why choose the LogOn JS450+? 

A top choice for dealerships, trade and fleet vehicles, the LogOn JS450+ has advanced safety features like Parking Surveillance, Hidden Installation Concept, Front & Rear Motion Sensing and Battery Protection. The kit includes a built-in Hard-wire harness for Parking Surveillance even when the vehicle is turned off so you'll never miss a bump, scrape or vandalism. The compact camera design allows for discreet mounting on the front and rear windscreens, and the black box recorder is mounted in a discreet but accessible location. The Battery Protection Circuit ensures you'll never return to a flat battery as the system will shut down once the voltage drops below a set value.


Advanced features of the JS450Plus include:

  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 2 Channel Recording
  • Supports large memory card size up to 256GB
  • Easy maintenance with Safe Format Free File System
  • No backup battery use / Various Camera Options
  • User Friendly with Advanced WiFi Features


This dash camera comes packed with LogOn's best features and more, such as a Sony Exmor Image Sensor that captures 1080p Full HD video at 30 frames per second! The external smart GPS captures speed and location simultaneously and with high accuracy. The built-in Wifi on the Dash Cam, along with the use of LogOn's Smartphone App, allows users a quick setup and simple playback!


This camera setup comes with a 32GB MicroSD Card, which is good for 5 hours Front & Rear Recording on maximum resolution quality. To extend the footage time you can either record at a lower resolution, or alternatively purchase a 128GB or 256GB MicroSD Card to increase from 5 hours to approximately 36 hours.   

LogOn Full HD 2CH Drive Record Dash Cam System

SKU: JS450Plus
    • Full HD (1920 x 1080 30FPS) 2 Channel
    • 2 Camera's plus Black Box
    • IP68 Rated
    • Sony Ultra Exmor Image Sensor
    • Exclusive Viewer (Mac/Window)
    • Advanced Wi-fi Features (Android/ iOS)
    • Battery Protection / Power Off Timer
    • Motion Sensing (Front/ Rear)
    • Voice Guide
    • Working Log Report (Error/ Monitoring)
    • Hidden Installation Concept
    • Compact Design