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D21 - 4K

Capture every detail with UHD. Enjoy cinematic image quality by Ultra 4K recording. Supporting you to provide important details and finer aspects including road signs and number plates, crucial in insurance claims or when sending evidence to the police.

Enhanced with HDR and night vision, it ensures crystal-clear recordings in all lighting conditions, while Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) provide critical alerts for safer driving.

The D21 - 4k also offers robust sleep and wake-up parking surveillance mode, ensuring round-the-clock protection for your vehicle. Sleek and intuitive, this dashcam is an essential companion for every journey on Australian roads, offering peace of mind and legal protection.


Crystal Clear Footage

The image quality is significantly enhanced by using Sony Starvis image sensors for both front and rear cameras of VUEROID D21 Ultra. Sony Starvis 2 Sensors delivers clearer and more vivid colours in UHD images, ensuring superior image quality in low-light conditions. Sony 4K is the height of modern dashcam tech!


Ultra Night Vision

Automatically record with optimal video quality in low light. Ultra Night Vision automatically diagnoses the surrounding brightness and the recording brightness becomes higher when the surrounding illumination is low.


Ultra License Plate Capture

Excellent License Plate identification. When driving or parking at night, D21-4k automatically adjusts the whiteness of the license plates of the vehicle in front due to the headlights, enabling license plate identification more possible.


Thermal Protection

The device intelligently manages extreme temperatures, turning off to prevent overheating.


Comprehensive Parking Surveillance

Offering three modes – Time Lapse, Sleep and Wake Up, and Motion Detection – the D21-4K vigilantly guards your vehicle when parked.

Vueroid D21 - 4K

SKU: D214K
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