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New Release!

GNET G-ON2 2K-QHD 2ch Dash Cam SONY Starvis imaging sensor 256GB Micro SD card included
Upgradeable to a MASSIVE 1Tb of Memory 


Gnet is a high quality Korean made dash camera manufacturer with best in class reliability and performance. Since its establishment in 1998, Gnet System has become a global brand recognised for class leading recording technology. Through steady innovation and R&D, Gnet continues to challenge their competitors to become the number one automotive video security brand. Their range of DVR dash cameras designed for endurance in tough conditions..


With an all-new 2K-HDR QHD Front Camera and a 1K-HDR QHD FHD Rear Camera setting a new standard for this price range.

The GNET G-ON 2chl Dash Cam provides clear, visual evidence in the case of insurance disputes or false accusations after an unfortunate incident.

H.265 Video codec (HEVC), 60FPS video recording, and Rear HDR technology.

  • Full HD CMOS Sensor | Front Cam 1440P (1920x1080P) /Max 60fps
  • Rear Cam 1080P (1920x1080P) /Max 30fps, NIGHT VISION | ADAS

Perfect recognition of the number plate plus clear video recording with natural colour.


 3 functions for safe driving   

"ADAS update"

ADAS is a safe driving assistance system for the driver's safe driving environment


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