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Australia’s No.1 manufacturer of LED lighting for extreme environments.

Ultra Vision is an Australian based manufacturer producing LED lighting for extreme environments focusing on recreational and heavy industrial applications.  By manufacturing in Australia they have total control over the quality and output of the lights giving them the confidence to offer a 5 year warranty, irrespective of the environment.  As a result, the products have become favourites in the Australian 4×4 and mining scenes. 

Their vision – ‘To be a symbol of excellence for Australian electronics manufacturers’. 

Their mission is clear – ‘To only produce products where we can improve on performance and durability on what is already available on the market internationally’.

GP Vehicle Accessories support Ultra Vision Lighting on their journey to ensure excellence in Australian manufacturing is sustained. 

At the same time talk to us about a dual battery system installation for your 4WD, SUV or ute.


NITRO Maxx LED Light bar

 Made in Australia – Designed and built for some of the toughest environments on earth.

NITRO Maxx LED Driving Lights

Available with either 4000k or 5700k Colour Temperature

QUATTRO Elite HID Driving Light

Each pair of lights is supplied with a wiring harness, anti-theft nuts and clear lens covers

ATOM 45W LED Work Lamp

Available in Wide Flood and Euro beam.

High light output relative to size.

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