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Grand Turismo Digital Front Parking Sensors are equipped with 4 sensors that emit an ultrasonic signal operating as both transmitters and receivers. The 3 Zone kit is designed and programmed specifically for use as a front installation.


The kit includes a seperate module and buzzer as well as manual override switch to be mounted on the interior of the vehicle (on dashboard). The front parking sensor installation requires you to connect Can Hi and Low wires ot the OBDII port for speed signal. Once the vehicle reaches a speed of 10km/h the sensors are disengaged. The sensor heads are equipped with OEM (original equipment manufactured) connector plugs making them reliable and trouble-free. These digital sensors offer fast and accurate performance offering a clear advantage over analogue parking sensors. The operator/ driver is alerted to approaching objects by a sequence of beeps or continuous tones of the warning buzzer. 


The 4 sensors are finished in a matte black surface which is either suitable for installation into plastic trims or bumper bars, and is also a primed surface ready to paint. GP Vehicle Accessories offers a custom paint service (fees applies) whereby we match to your vehicle's paint code (price varies on paint - contact us for more details).   



When you start the vehicle you will hear a single beep from the buzzer indicating the parking sensors are activated.

The first buzzer tone will be a beeping tone indicating when the vehicle has reached a distance of 0.8 meters from the object you are moving towards. 

Then at 0.6 metres (60cm) the beeping will increase until it gets to a final warning zone at 0.4 metres (40cm). When the vehicle reaches the final zone at 0.4 metres a continuous beep/ tone will be heard alarming the driver to of the vehicle to stop immediately.    



The Grand Turismo front parking sensor kit requires a 4 wire installation. Connect the red wire to 12V IGN (ACC) power and connect the black wire to ground. Connect the blue wire to CAN-H (pin 6 of OBDII) and the yellow wire to CAN-L (pin 14 of OBDII). The 4 sensors and buzzer are all plug-and-play items.

The positioning and mounting of the Grand Turismo sensors depends on the type of vehicle and shape of the front bumper bar. We recommend the following when doing the installation yourself:

  1. Measure sensors left and right with equal distance between both corner sensors centre left and centre right.
  2. Measure from the ground level a distance of 500m - 600mm to indicate the final position of the sensors. Note: to avoid false alarm DO NOT install the sensors any lower than 500mm  from ground level. 
  3. Ensure that the front bar curve surface where the sensors are to be mounted should not be more than 5 degress facing to the ground. 
  4. Drill a 22mm diameter through hole using a TCT hole saw for each of the 4 sensors. * Note - Hole saw not provided. 
  5. Ensure that the sensors are mounted in the correct position/ plane with the UP arrow located on the back of the sensor loacted at the top of the sensor.
  6. DO NOT install the sensor heads directly into metal. If required to install into metal we can supply the 26mm bezels.



Grand Turismo 3 Zone Front Parking Sensor Kit

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  • Operating Distance Range 0-0.8M
    Accuracy Detection +/- 5cm
    Operating Voltage 11V to 15V
    Current Draw: Standby 70mA
    Current Draw: Operating 200mA
    Working Temperature Range -15'C - +70'C
    Warning Buzzer Volume 84dB


  • Grand Turismo Warranties this product to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of three (3) years following the date of purchase, provided that the product is installed and painted by an authorized Grand Turismo installer. This warranty does not cover faulty installation or damage caused by an installer not authrorized by Grand Turismo. Grand Turismo will not be held legally responsible in any way for any damage or injury caused. This system is designed as a driver aid and should not be used as a substitute for safe parking practices. It is the responsibility of the operator/ driver of the vehicle to ensure that people and/ or property are not injured or harmed. Keep reversing speeds 5km/h and under. It is the legal responsibility of the operator/ driver of the vehicle to be aware of his/her surroundings and in control at all times. 

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