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Mitsubishi ASX Owners - Parking Sensor Installation

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

If you're the recent recipient of the brand new Mitsubishi ASX, firstly congratulations on a great purchase, but have you double checked the car has all the safety products needed as not all models include front and/ or rear parking sensors.

Did you know for a fraction of the cost of the vehicle and much cheaper than a potential repair bill we can install front and/ or rear parking sensors that maintain that original new car look and feel.

At GP, we take great care to maintain the OE factory look of your new vehicle. In this example we have used white and black sensors to match the paint and plastic trim based on the location of where the sensors need to be mounted. We can even colour code the paint for an exact match.

We use the Grand Turismo digital parking sensors which use an ultrasonic (digital communication system) signal which operates as a transmitter and receiver to alert the driver of approaching objects. These digital sensors offer fast and accurate performance offering a clear advantage over analogue parking sensors. In the images below you'll see the tool (holesaw) we use to install each individual parking sensor.

On the interior we've neatly installed an additional switch in to the bottom panel (next to the USB port) which serves as a manual override if you are in traffic or parked and need to turn the beeping off 🔊 🔊 🔊 Otherwise, the sensors are wired (connected to) the universal OBD2 speed detection module which means once the car is traveling at a speed over 10km/h the front sensors are automatically disengaged. Don't forget to switch them back on though!!

For more information on how we can help you feel free to contact us using the Get In Touch from on our website.

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