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Dodge RAM1500 - Front Parking Sensor Install

Updated: May 14

Front parking sensors are a real convenience and make life much easier when trying to park something the size of a small tank...... We installed sensors on the Dodge Ram 1500 Ute and in the video below Rob explains how we test the front parking sensors ensuring they disengage when the vehicle reaches 10km/h. Apologies for the beeping but that is a critical part of the successful install.

To ensure the sensors are functioning as they should we do a quick drive around the car park. The test rig is simply a cardboard box strapped over one of the sensors so there is a constant beep/ tone warning you to stop. Once the vehicle reaches 10km/h they should disengage, the reason they do so is to avoid false alarms when driving normally which can be caused by heavy rain for example.

These front parking sensors are programmed quite differently when compared to your standard rear sensor kit. They have 3 warning zones which operate over a shorter range being:

❗80cm - you'll hear the first beeping tone

‼️ 60cm - beeping becomes faster

❌ 40cm - continuous beep - stop!

The reason for this is because it is much easier to judge objects in front of you and you can typically keep a safe distance of over 1 metre away from the vehicle ahead thereby not activating the sensors each time you stop in traffic. Typically when front parking you would approach with caution and you want to be able to move from the first audible beep to the final zone promptly and safely. The final zone at 40cm is a close but comfortable space where a person might still squeeze through the gap between car and object but also leaves sufficient room for driver error 😲.

Dodge RAM1500 Ute with front parking sensors installed
Dodge RAM1500 Ute with front parking sensors installed

Another function of these sensors which helps reduce the audible annoyance is that when in zones 1 or 2 for a period over 5 seconds the buzzer will half its sonic output level so it is not quite as obtrusive. In zone 3 however it maintains its loudness until you either switch the vehicle off or use the manual override switch.

Dodge RAM 1500 dismantled dash
The dash needs to be dismantled to install the manual override switch

The dash mounted manual override switch is a convenient feature which allows you to switch the sensors off if you are on the phone for example and have pulled into a parking or your garage.

Dodge RAM 1500 dashboard with override switch for front parking sensors
Manual override switch installed in bottom left of image

The Grand Turismo parking sensors use an audible signal to alert the driver of approaching objects. They offer fast and reliable performance. For more information or to purchase the front parking sensor kit visit the product page here.

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