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Grand Turismo Front & Rear Dash Cam Kit $185.00

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Dash cams (DVR, Drive Recorder, Event Recorder) have become a popular product for Australians and the world alike. The main reason or benefit of installing a dash cam is to capture first evidence which, in the unfortunate event of an incident, could help with insurance claims and perhaps prevent any insurance fraud. As most of us are aware though dash cams have been made famous for capturing road rage, humour and other unexpected occurrences. They also serve to capture bad driving and occasionally some petty crime or acts of vandalism. Then there's the more positive benefits like recording memorable moments on road trips, and finally for the discerning parents wanting to keep an eye on the kids. Whichever reason it may be, there is without doubt sufficient justification for the small investment into a quality dash camera for your vehicle.

SONY Starvis Sensors Capture Clear Images at night

The Grand Turismo GT-LS01 is a dual channel (front and rear) dash cam kit with a 2K 1440P front resolution and FHD 1080P rear resolution. It features a compact and sleek cylindrical design and is equipped with Sony Starvis Sensors providing impressive low light capabilities for night recording. Daytime pictures are both clear and sharp with a full wide angle view of 140 degrees.

QHD 1440P Resolution Front and FHD 1080P Rear

The GT-LS01 requires no hard wiring and is therefore easy to install. The DIY friendly kit means you'll be able to get the dash cam up and running effortlessly and without the need for an auto-electrician. Included in the kit is a DC/DC Adaptor suitable for cars and trucks using a 12V/24V power supply. The dash cam can also be powered by a USB connection using an optional cable and can even function as a portable camera recorder, simply remove from its cradle on the windscreen and connect to a 12V portable battery pack for on-the-go recording!

Connect via Wi-fi to mobile phone using the App

With Dual Band Wi-fi built-in the system can operate on either 2.4G and 5G thereby avoiding any connection issues. Simply download the DashCam Player App for either Android or iOS.

The mobile phone app allows you to see live video, take snap shots (still images), switch between front and rear camera views, track your journey, change the camera settings or download captured (recorded) footage and photos. You can download events or incidents at the time of happening and straight to your phone for first-hand evidence without even touching the dash cam, simply use your phone.

Grand Turismo GT-LS01 detailed function

Within the app you can adjust the following settings:

  • Video Resolution - switch between 1440P or 1080P

  • Encoding Format - switch between H264 or H265

  • WDR - On/ Off (Wide Dynamic Range processes multiple images and combines them to ensure the highest image quality, the benefit of this is to record more detail in contrasting light areas)

  • Time Stamp - video and images have a time stamp overlay

  • GPS Stamp - video and images have the GPS data overlay

  • Lighting Frequency - 50Hz or 60 Hz (used to stop flicker in the video caused by incandescent or LED lights)

  • Audio Recording - On/ Off (records audio from the built-in microphone)

  • Volume - Off/ Low/ Mid/ High (status and event notifications from the dash cam)

  • Boot-up Tone - On/ Off

  • G-Sensor Sensitivity - Off/ Low/ Mid/ High (activated by bumps for example a car reversing into you or a person banging on the car)

  • Time-Lapse - Off/ 0.2Sec/ 0.5Sec/ 1Sec (for shooting long form time lapses)

  • Loop Recording - 1Min/ 3Min/ 5Min (options for video snippet length)

  • Speed Units - KM/H or MPH

  • Time Zone - Programmable for any region globally

  • GPS Info - shows Latitude and Longitude plus active satellites and speed

  • Licence Plate - customize by adding your number plate

  • Network Name and Password - programmable to your preference

Included in the kit is a 32GB Samsung EVO Plus SD Card. The GT-LS01 requires a high-speed Class 10 or above SD card and can accommodate up to 128GB SD card capacity.

Built-in to the front dash cam is a GPS Tracker which records your location and speed data enabling you to later view your journey on a map.

GPS Tracking Built-In to dash cam

For more information and detailed specifications of the GT-LS01 dash cam kit you can visit our product page here.

Grand Turismo GT-LS01 Front & Rear Dash Cam Kit

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